15 May 2010

It is the Hidden and the Impossible that excites a Soul

There is something we all live for. And it takes some of us twenty years in a life-time to realize it. We could realize it sometime when the Muslim priests next to our house starts their first Namaaz. It could be after shutting off the television set after a movie marathon. It could be because we watched Autumn Spring and The Thomas Crown Affair back-to-back on two consecutive nights. It could be because we see the empires we are building for ourselves.
It all boils down to one thing. We live life relentlessly for the passion inside us that we need to challenge. We do this to believe in an adventure we created for ourselves when we were children.

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Susan Deborah said...

Sometimes I think I live for a gin and tonic, you get what I mean!!!

Why a something. Why not many things like love, lust, back-scratching, etc.

Have I grown at all. I am a child. You can't see it cus you aren't one!

Sometimes there's lot of sense in nonsense.