13 May 2010

It's Messy to be with One thing All the Time

Messy Addiction # 1
The Art of Advising the Other

Morning dawns and all you can think of are the troubles you have to handle. Down that familiar road we take to our offices and colleges, stands a person to check on you: Have you finished your report? Have you studied for your exam?

When the trouble gets to your head, you become like me, like her, like them, like everyone. We start checking on others: Have you spoken to your mom? Why are you fighting with your wife? Have you sent those emails?

After the questions are over, we tell them what to do, like we're told what to do: Don't fight with her man. Go to college and don't waste your life. Try a cigarette.

It is normal. When in trouble, solve another’s.

We get trapped, in this love for advising and fixing another’s life that we always tend to forget our own.

We accuse someone else of ‘self-pity’ and ‘ignorance’, but fail to look within.

Advising is an internal addiction. It’s something our hearts feed on, by the pure pleasure of giving more.

It is a hunger to give. It makes us all noble.

Advice. Take advice.  It is a humane condition.

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Susan Deborah said...

The trademark of an Indian. I proudly wear that on my sleeve!!!

Joy always,