20 April 2007


I feel dumb today. I don't think anything is going to change that feeling. I haven't done anything stupid. I'm having one of best peaceful days. I'm loving it. But I feel dumb. I feel like I don't know anything. And why do I feel like that? Reasons. I've met people. I keep meeting people. I feel I know lesser about most of the important things in the world. People my age call me socially and environmentally aware. And yet have this jealousy kind of thing growing inside me. Sometimes writing makes me feel like I've seriously got something psychologically abnormal twirling in my head.
Well but I do believe everyone does. We are all eccentric and crazy in our own ways. Some of us talk about it. Some of us prefer not even to tell ourselves about it. It's like when I see this people I look up to and know nothing great like them - I'm just a kid (stupid like some friends call me0. :) That doesn't make me feel bad. It doesn't draw a frown on my forehead. It's interesting why I am writing all this confused thoughts on a public blog. There's something I enjoy more than talking to myself...giving misconceptions to those who are obviously going to misunderstand me. I'll be nice as much as I can. But ultimately have to say what has to be said. It's urgent to speak out almost everything I got in my head. Sometimes I think my cat knows me better than any human being in this world. That's for today. Nothing great. Bye.

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