22 April 2007

I fear death

I fear death....I don't deny it. The last day...I am selfish. I want to breathe. And I know someday I won't. That doesn't stop me. Sleep in distress. The moment is missed. Maybe I'll forget to live...and can't do anything someday. It'll be too late. These thoughts were cropping up in my head. My friend was bashing religion, God...and questioning life and death. What is Enlightenment? It's nothing. It's seeing emptiness as emptiness. It just the peace of questioning. It the happiness of sharing what you know. And when I can share what I know. Why can't I be Enlightened? Is Enlightenment a concept of becoming non-human? Or isn't it realizing what really a human is of? Isn't it just the willingness to realize and let other elements teach you? And if I can really answer a question you pose to the world... Maybe I can Maybe you can We all can We have questions. We have some answers. No answer is right or wrong...a matter of opinion, circumstance, and morals. Bye.

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