29 April 2007

people and anger

I am against the concept of over-analyzing emotions. It seems like everyone becomes an on-the-way-to-be schizophrenic. Anger... What is this? I swear I am a super short-tempered person. Though, I don't hold harmful grudges. That is my only pacifying element. You see... I have straight-away two options to make a point. One, violence, which I am personally very scared of. And I believe anyone can hurt anyone if they really want to. And that is not the point of trying to share emotions, to live together, to generally be. It wrecks life well enough. And now not only do we have youngsters believing that this is an answer to anger..we see popular media strengthening the opinion. When I watched Rang de Basanti, I enjoyed my evening. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and the rigor of the movie. Though, I must admit parts of it was like a school drama. Not only that, what really put me off was the ultimate climax of the movie. The interviews of youngsters telling us that what we should be doing is to put a red hand against all authority is alarming. I am not in favour of complete moderate movements. After sometime, it is just pseudo-activism. We hold some banners. We walk down some roads. We are done. We pacify the "right" people. That movie scared me. If youngsters, we, did follow that...would we be able to rectify, or even lay slightly a stronger foundation for anything at all. This is just one of these off hand concerns. Anybody can become angry, that is easy; but to be angry with the right person, and to the right degree, and at the right time, and for the right purpose, and in the right way, that is not within everybody's power, that is not easy. - Aristotle. I love this quote for some reason. Kind of comprises all that I matter to question about anger. Now, I am not a student of psychology, but I'll stand by those who say it is a normal emotion. It is just we humans are far more comfortable viewing non-trouble creating elements of life. Now, the second way I use my anger is to give the other person their space. This is simple Silent Treatment. This works with person-to-person anger. Not really great when fighting against a system as such. Actually that all depends. You need to have that knack to handle the continuous silence you are putting yourself through. I fight a lot with people. I piss them off. They piss me off. Then it's simple. I don't take any initiative to call or speak to them for a few days. Let the trouble settle. And after two or three days I send them a message or call, if they haven't yet called. Yeah...sounds desperate and giving up on your point of view types. But that's not what really happens. You actually end up creating your own space of retreat and letting that person have some space. You are more free-minded to discuss a problem and settle things now. Some people are stubborn. The only way to deal with them is to be equally patient. Stubborn people get very irritated soon too, because they are always somewhere hoping that you will become very irritated and then they can bask in that temper. Well..temper is natural. I don't believe in all of us becoming sadhus. So, after all the only way you can get out of any entanglement is to talk and listen...to yourself, to others. Life is far better that way.

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firstmonsoon said...

How often do you stop in the middle of a conversation and just walk away because you are so angry you're afraid of what you'll do or say if you stay any longer.