17 June 2007


Jeeva Raghunath
Jeeva Raghunath stole an amazing start of laughter and music with her storytelling session, in Theatre Lab's Second Anniversary Program at Alliance Franciase (17.06.2007) Everything transforms as a story in her speech and performance. Jeeva loves to speak, to share laughter, and has a wide range of stories to tell us. She started as a teacher, and then worked with Tulika Publications as a Marketing Manager. By chance, she was chosen to be the story teller at a book release. Since that spark of luck, oppurtunities have fallen her way, and she is one of India's most fabulous professional story-tellers. Being a daughter of a story-teller and actress, Pritham Chakravarthy, has given me the chances to explore the great life behind-the-scenes. It's a challenging life based on  change and variety. It's truly a life of doing everything one loves - reading, singing, laughing, acting, writing, etc.
Pritham **

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