05 February 2007


The day has been exciting in its own prospects. I can't possibly explain. But I do understand that it is the remains of the weekend bash that keeps me so high even today...a Monday! I am quite high and that too in the night. OKKK. Keep out. I know I always seem out of my head, but whatever you call it...this is me...face it - I exist!!! Ha..a dozen ideas.. one for a book, one for a poem, one for my exams, one for my family, one for another's smile, and one for my own. Life's filled with these ideas. And then I roll my eyes up, and I keep asking myself....ok where do these ideas come from.. Oh curious kid, just get back to the books now... ideas come as they want.. BUT from where.. that all I ask you... from where... And biology freaks, keep away from giving answers about the neurological system..

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MeThinx said...

Keep your ideas and work on them. After all they are what make us waht we are.