04 February 2007

Just no time

Some people actually find my writing interesting. However this whole blog affair has turned into some good addiction. Exams on the roll I couldn't even think of it. Damn the thousand ideas that were jumping out of my head and I didn't even jot them down. Not everything has to be written about. I do agree. But you see, after writing so many posts even the way I speak to myself has started imitating by blog style. I presume it is a bit interesting, but mostly irritating. Not much could have happened in a couple of weeks. Maybe the simple joys of life, fortunately no worries to talk about (ok maybe globally all the atrocities, I can't keep worrying until my head comes up with a good solution to all).. god forbid the fact that i am damn pragmatic. More than all this blabbering hitting my head a bit I remember some ideas which cried to be penned. Maybe over the week I should find some time to write all. There no lack of creative muse here. The reason is simple: Just No Time. And anyways what the hell is creativity?

1 comment:

MeThinx said...

Write without a conscious thought. That is what sets your writing apart. Time or lack of it does nothing to stem your words. When you can, come type it out... you are a joy to read.