12 February 2007


Whoever gave some people the idea that I hate biology is mad...it's not that I hate it.. It's actually quite a bit of logic and there is very less chance for you to go wrong in it.. ah leave botany out of the picture please...though I love having plants all around and I might even go to the extent of saving them around the world.. it beats my capacity to absorb knowledge the study of plant life like objects. Somehow doing the same to humans does not seem a problem to me. And to know about other similar animals is quite a bit of fun.. but delving too much into the chemistry and biology of plants is eerie, not exactly, actually quite a bit irritating. However, right now I am tackling a task of history...how am I to study history? kwaite interesting is actually the process of discovering how to study than the process of studying itself... by the way.. I haven't more time to tell you more on this.. but will soon be back with equally round about ramblings..... tata.

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