15 January 2007

worth it

a festival - cook, eat, enjoy, and sing. We can do all. Moreover, there is someone we thank every festive day. Some god, or maybe our work. It depends on what you are celebrating. I see Pongal as the most humane festival that I'll ever celebrate. It is a time to thank the masses who keep us healthy and happy. The farmers. I believe this is the true new year for the farmer, traditionally. Now, they have just harvested the lush fields, hoping the pesticides didn't spoil their crop; sold it for ridiculously small amounts compared to real market prices; and now sit with no rice of their own to celebrate the coming of food. Food, air and water are the most important elements of life for any being. Think of something better. This is not time to only throw out old things and kill the air by burning. It is a time to feed your mind....and refresh life. No calendar gives you so many new years and resolutions to take. Just think beyond the walls...Enjoy the festival...Everyone is worth it.

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vinay said...

yeah it is a festival for farmers!!though this is my first pongal...and i dnt knw hw people celebrate it!!!but then it is a harvest festival and we get holiday!!!