15 January 2007


My dad was standing on the sidewalk. He was just enjoying an after-lunch smoke. An old woman and a small boy were walking down the road. Suddenly, the woman stopped and looked at the boy's forehead. She picked up a red brick and threw it on the ground. It broke into pieces and red powder was strewn on the road-side. She took the red powder and applied it on his forehead and they went. Well... I don't know why people can't understand certain things, and why I always have to preach my findings. Let me make it boring and obvious. After a visit from the temple, sindur is like blessing of the God. To disguise this tradition and to cut out a laborious walk the woman uses red brick powder. When studying culture or anthropology one would understand the reflection of this behaviour.

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vinay said...

what does it mean???huh!!!!