14 January 2007


Two little children selling flowers..malli,jadi...and then one breaks into a song...Annakili. One child's name is Annakili. Singing an old tamil song, and they burst out in laughter as they see me enjoy this beauty. I tear apart my smile just hoping that some day that I too will be able to sing. I know I can. But, with no inhibitions. With their beauty. A hope brooding inside me. I will live to live it.


vinay said...

follow ur heart and keep singing!!!i mean start one day@!!

Samyuktha said...

Ha! All your comments.. Well I do sing, just not as freely. Yes a festival for farmers and joy for us. True. And then to tell you about the last one the boy did not have sindur on his head after a temple visit. So the lady deceiving religion's crazy rituals breaks the brick and applies the powder.

vinay said...

ooo!!!the lady breaks a brick and applies the powder!!how sick!!watz she trying to prove anyways!!!shucks!!!