10 December 2006


Exams always throw a lot of ideas into many minds, except of course the subject facts. Ah! i've been studying history for a long time. Only managed to "master" Germany. Hitler, was such an amazing man in the subject of playing aorund with the minds of the public. Now, now! Don't bash me up for that statement. I have recently been reading quite a few articles on mind control. It is an interesting subject. Germans were zombies. My classmate and I fought over this statement. I might actually agree to most of it now. They are complete prefectionists. Greater Germany was their one objective. There were many who were happy with most of what Hitler did. Then came along the Enabling Law, Nuremburg Laws, Holocaust, and dictatorship..World War II. Phew! What a life? A twentieth century product, such as me, lives under totally different kinds of dictatorships. We live under the rule of Coke, Pepsi, Tata Motors...So if not a Hitler, an Ambani, and a Bush. When does this end? The reason I disagreed to the statement "Germans were zombies" is because I live with this hope in the corner of my heart - Each human being has a conscience and will finally want something better for this world. A lot of effort has gone on to support this view. However, we still end up doing this only in pockets. A terrible trade-off. An assumption - only some our concerned. Then why the hell do we talk about playing around with incentives and disincentives. Finally, duh everyone wants this world to survive....Out of words here!

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