11 December 2006


This week, has weirdly been the happiest. How can I say that? Nothing has actually gone right. Now! Wait. I manage to pen one of the most beautiful yet written by me, my amma called me fit, and I found out who I really love. Come on... Life is just so thoroughly happy, that I can't handle it. The poem link is the one I wrote. Icarus, a hero I love. Lol. Life is so complicated. My words are so corny that I could laugh at them myself. Here comes, my explanation for writing that ~ Person of my dreams, has now become a dream. He lies among the cloud, a man as brave as Icarus. He had the same wonders, and yet fell, disappeared...the true mystery of how death finds us. A poem in favor of him, and of my own eager need to move on and live. Sam Now, It is a true mystery. A mystery so intriguing, fascinating, and amazing.

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