09 December 2006


One of my friends was talking about a book on Positive Thinking. She stated that one should not expect anything, and then she contradicted herself (or rather the book contradicted itself) by saying expect the best. This threw quite a few questions and thoughts into my head.
I remember about a year and half ago, in my school interview, I expressed my difficulty of dealing with disappointment after expecting something. I don't really expect the best of me, but the supreme of unnatural abilities. No wonder, I am disappointed half the time.
Actually, nowadays, I don't really expect anything from everything. I even told my friend that some of us just need to accept the pure fact that we can't do certain things. It may seem a very pessimistic opinion, compared to the optimistic motto - afraid of nothing, everything is possible.
That is what Man's development has been based on. But did he understand maybe humans can cope with these advancements but the net of nature can't. When we say we can do everything, we need to also look further and say can everyone hold onto my hand when I do so. This does not happen in any form.
I am not saying eliminate adventure from your life. I have enough and more adventure in my life. Some has brought wonders, many have brought dangers I might have to live with all my life. Think further, think before, think after...Think, don't spoil the fun, but make sure it's not only momentary.
Oh! I might contradict every word I put down here, it could just be words clouded by grief as usual. I cannot call my state that of grief and sadness. I never had any, will never have. I am just used to standing out of the situation and thinking around, even after I make a mistake, I have a logical explanation as to why I took the wrong route. This has helped in many ways. It has helped me honestly correct myself so many times. It has helped me be the person who is just her. This has helped me love myself.

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MeThinx said...

Pearls of wisdom.

Expectations are a word even I try to eradicate from my vocabulary. I guess I have succeeded to an extent.

But there is always a question I ask myself. Do we ever really stop expecting, or just stop showing our expectations to those around us ?