11 May 2010

Inside the Green Wine Bottle is the Core of My World, or where is it?

It is six and early in the morning, but my night is not yet over.
I am awake in my sleep, for my eyes have not yet winked.
I have wiped cleaned the paint, that spilled off my first canvas,
On which sits a bright red strawberry, hidden in my blue world.
This is Core of the World. The Core of My World.
The Core of the World is what you see.

Task finished: I have finally painted my first ever canvas in my entire life. The Canvas is the core of my world. I used acrylic paints, fingers, old brushes, and torn up sponge. No techniques, probably no skill. But, my painting on my canvas. Then, washed the brushes and my hand with a strong Lifeboy handwash, and scrubbed the floor clean with Pril. Energy is beating its way to my heart.

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