09 November 2008

The beauty of love!

The land of wonders never ends to inspire the geeks out of love. This is how random I am and there is no two ways about it. November has been so beautiful so far. Here I am learning to live with one parent and living away from another, and learning to love both more and more. It is quite a chilling and great experience. In a weird way, I am learning to love home! It is the prospect of blogging, working, and writing that is making me learn a little bit more each day. I sound like a nice well bred lunatic, and nowadays I seem so perfectly fine with it. The eve of exams always get me musing about life, mind and all that. Chai Kadai Benches is running exceptionally well. I have a job interview tomorrow at the 044 Magazine and close to shitting bricks! It's probably that I make a fool of myself in work spaces, when not in school or college, has gotten to my nerves. So, I am rolling up my pants and getting deep into this muck of the world. Yes it is true, I want money and recognition. And you know what, it is not such a bad attitude, because it is not the only attitude I have towards life. Today, I realised something I always knew, my father is made of heart. He bought a ticket donating $25 to Palestine in my name and $25 in my sister's. He told me everything seemed so impersonal to get us from Abu Dhabi. He made my whole November. This is the best November ever. I have been sailing through my exams, though I should assert that I need to check time management strongly. Yoga, meditation .. oooooh! Chill I am not that shallow. I don't treat them as cures. I have also been reading so much lately. Amir Aczel's God's Equation is brilliant. I have to get through it completely to understand it. Let's see. Slowly, my interest in the sciences are returning. I think the point was just that I needed to learn them and not be taught for exams. I have picked up a Cambridge Pure Mathematics text book, and I am going to work through as slowly as possible. I am going to crack Mathematics to my ability. This month is just filled with a terrible and lovely whiff of imagination and determination. NanoWriMo, Mathematics, and Love. My God this is my Mania phase, and I am loving it. Bye. Look forward to my book ;)

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