29 October 2008

Bombay Days.

Every time I hear your voice in my head I cannot wait to write you down. It seems like ages since I've put pen on paper or fingers on keys. Somehow all of this does not matter, because in some weird way all my sense fly away and all the words are written down....I have a dream...a voice...I'm hanging on to something I know nothing off...It really doesn't matter what I think and do, it's what I feel and do that matters. To do I need no thought. 20.10.2008 I am not searching for a living. I am looking for a medium of 'search'. Who cares if I do not become "professionally" able in everything I try. If the point of being is to make a fool oneself. Then it shall be done with no sarcasm and cynicism. What is the whole damn point??? 20.10.2008 Watching out of the train at the expanse of the sea we were travelling on: Like a million people standing very close to each other, between the cities stands a smog dome. It's suffocating not able to see a horizon. But...20.10.2008 I am always getting ready to explain why or what I did...I always have a fabricated excuse....the point is to create what I want and how I want it. It's the point of putting pen on paper and leaving the words and lines to flow. 21.10.2008 'The world keeps happening.' The only sentence apt to describe this city. It's an absolutely alive place that has managed to scare me and yet make it seem like a home. :) 21.10.2008 I'm only as free as I feel. I am only what I feel. 21.10.2008 It's always him-me, she-me, hers-mine, his-mine, theirs-mine, Them-Me...Comparison!!! Language is starting to sicken me. It limits one expression to a certain set of words. Bluh blaaah bloooh! 22.10.2008 It really hurts till the center of my tummy that I made of no talent or beauty at all. 24.10.2008 The train should not stop. Home? I am confused. A complete part of me has been left within four wall of pink in a completely different city. No.. I am not going home! If the train never stops, I will never know where I'm going and will never be force to end or begin. But wishes are merely wishes, because if they weren't I would have got off the train, because one must do what they have to do most of the times. 27.10.2008

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