16 October 2008

a progress of days..

As days pass on life changes and many lotuses bloom around the beautiful snake garden. True, I am still sleeping in my snake dreams and sipping jasmine tea. However, the typical plans of life took a decent turn to understand simplicity and the plain reason of being slow. A couple of days back, I was almost defined (quite out of joblessness, as he adds) by a very a good friend of mine as "New Age". As much as this sounds, what would you say: 'cool', 'awesome' and absolutely great; you see I am very bad on updating myself about the new vocabulary. The only times I manage to find out these new words are by accident and I make it a point not to use them. I still stick to the same slang of familial creativity: summaaa, wateeebeeauootee, and rolling on the floor and laughing when needed too.
If you cannot say or do anything with a bang, why do it? It really makes no sense if you do something, because you're too lazy to actually do what you intended to. It's a complex web, with the greatest simplicity of life. My advice to all who find themselves at a tough spot in life: Get off your computer chair, jump thrice up and down, and sit down. Release this bottled up energy. The problem is that sometimes we try to speak out everything we have inside us, which is absolutely necessary, but we forget that people WILL misunderstand, comment, and criticize. That is the simple of point of relating with others. If everyone agreed with everyone, there will be no opinions, arguments, let alone discussions. It will be pure monotonous boredom. Sometimes you just have to do things that you swore you would never do. Drink. Paint. Sing. Drive. Smoke. Love. Marry. Raise pigs. Something odd and new. Or you get caught in a life like mine, where you always have to do something new. NGO internships. Painting. Drawing. Writing. Singing. Cycling. Photography. Writing. Travelling. Painting. Internships. Jobs. Stage Management. Love. Sex. Smoke. Drink. Stop drinking. Stop drinking coffee. Acidity. Every day there has to be a new obsession. A new focus, and a new hurdle to get over, otherwise I am bound to get bored with myself. I deal with a very fast life, but the institution of collegiate education in India is designed in a way that makes us feel like we're brewing in a certain mentality and idealism of placement cells, campus interviews, project vivas, and attendance sheets. That's what college ends up being. I started of this year absolutely hating college and I had enough valid reasons to do so. But, I have moved a step higher. Sometimes it also important to stick around and see what a certain routine would reward you. If it doesn't reward you what you want, it cannot be deemed useless. My life is still going on. Plans can keep cropping up. But that's the deal. That's life. Right now I have very certain plans: 1. Go to Bombay tomorrow. 2. Spend a wonderful week there. 3. Figure out my enrollment in Long Ridge Writers' Group, Connecticut 4. Start liking college 5. Study for my semester examinations 6. Spend quality time with aunt and grandmom 7. Paint out the entire Silappathikaram 8. Repair the cameras 9. Save hell of a lot of money

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