16 October 2008

buddha feared death

I live in a comfort zone. Every pilgrim first lives in a comfort zone, and then one moves away, because of fear, guilt, confusion and whole baggage of negativity. Enlightenment is the positive acceptance of negativity. However, even I have the strong need to overcome the fear of death, but the motive is not one of immortality. It simply a coverage for another fear. By overcoming the fear of my death, I deal with happy acceptance of the time and reason, but here I hide to myself and rejoice loudly in the fact that I do not have to watch the death of others as an immortal. Because I fear immortality more than my death, and want to prevent watching the disappearance of those I know. Even the thought of their demise makes me shiver like I've been buried in a fresh avalanche.
12.55 a.m. on a random day, October 2008

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