24 August 2008

The Red-Gown Bald Master and His Monkies

The trees were singing to an old rainy tune, and the Zen monks were chanting their prayers. The scene settled and some students started to follow the master, a small round and bald man. He always wore red, in this land of nowhere and nothing. This master was the one who always asked the questions, which celestially bothered their primate origins. But here civilization did not matter, because in civilizations no one is brave enough to ask a question. He plucked two red shoe-flowers and planted it on his ear. “If the body rules all will the monkey take over?” One disciple answers: “Correct your grammar and then find me a monkey.” He does not believe in a civilization on these blue-ridged mountains, but keeps peace with all beings, believes in oneness with the webbed skies and underworld snakes. The master turned around and watched these creatures and just had more to ask! Written on 11.04.2008 Edited on 24.08.2008

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