24 August 2008

Only if we all had dream catchers

Satya rested her head on his chest and wrapped her arms around him. For further grip her legs fell on him. He leaned forward to kiss her forehead, but stopped. She caught his doubtful eyes in sight, did not let him kiss her…she slept! Middle of the night, he was restless. She was woken up. They sat up on their bed. There was a green lanky creature of no particular sex or gender sitting in between them. A smirk grew on its face. Satya saw wings, and open windows. He saw names, titles, and cubicles. She turned and heard rain, rustling leaves, crickets, and lizards. His head started to hurt. His limbs started to pain. The creature stroked his head, putting him to sleep. Now, he saw a high mountain, vultures, and pretty sunflowers in a garden. Blue skies. Seventeen rainbows. Beautiful mountains. Magnificent rivers. Satya started dancing around the room. And for once, he took her by the arm, swirled her around, and kissed her. They fell on to the bed in peals of laughter. The greenness faded away. Glass pieces and mirrors of music were resonating within the four walls. They slept looking at ceilings.

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