16 June 2008

rajasthan village woman who fed me dinner - bhajra rotis

I found this woman in the sky, the land of the stars, where the milky way was mine and hers! A secret revealed at 5.30 a.m. Is a secret of Suns and Moons and Flowers new?


Joel said...

Thats a good sweet little dedication... Nice poem.. :)

joel suganth said...

reminds me of shilpgram.. have you been there? its a dhakshan chitraque place in the hilly region of udaipur. and when i was there, one can hear the music from pipes drifting across the landscapes, it was beautiful.
I will go to rajastan again sometime. maybe i'll follow William Darymple's the song story route.

Anonymous said...

Crisp n neat. Nice