14 March 2008

The VLR Morning

The VLR Morning To be sure that your stomach doesn't start growling and grumbling eat your breakfast. However, circumstances and situationspersuade one to skip meals just because food access is not ready enough to grab. Chennai local railway stations do not give you the option of catching trains as an excuse for such impeccable crimes to your stomach and day. The Vegetarian Light Refreshment stalls, in most of the stations, provide one and everyone with good, warm, light, and healthy food and eating conditions. VLR saved my morning and put some steamy hot Pongal on my plate to subdue hunger, growling, grumbling, and mental crankiness. Food is important! Pongal is dhal and rice steamed together with black peppers, asafoetida, and jeera. The rice becomes soft and blends with dhal in a comfortable way. VLR stood up to the normal standards of pongal. Crispy vadai accompanied this pleasant surprise. With three generous scoops of pongal, warm sambar, new coconut chutney, the vadai just adds to the glory. The crispy fried vadai woke up my senses for the morning. Yum, to be precise! All this costs a person twelve rupees. Standing up to its name, the food is clean vegetarian, light on the stomach and pocket, and is absolutely refreshing as a emotional and physical hunger saver.

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Nowhere Man said...

Ah, hot pongal and vadai with chutney and sambar. Beautiful. The college cafeteria pongal isn't bad, and only costs five rupees. But there's something about standing in the station on a misty morning and wolfing down steaming hot pongal. Ah, food :)