26 February 2008

Lookers, Watchers, and Lovers of this Elf

A looker, a watcher, a lover, are you?

I see you perched on the same trees,

every day and night.

Sometimes you climb down to hold me,

tight in your arms, like you -

you would never let me go.

That's when I swirl you off my arms,

I let you slip through the winds,

I watch you disappear.

Am I a looker, a watcher or a lover?

Many old voices ask this elf.

I sink in my pleasures, can

but only smile.

Flowing hair, calculated walks,

I know this world,

as it knows me true.

Are we lookers, watchers, or lovers?

Those who live true,

who breathe,

are we?

*work in progress or shall be abandoned in this state.

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