01 January 2008

Who are they?

Last night, I was sketching faces. I drew two bald men. Balding is a funny prospect. It happens when you want your hair the most. You intently look into a mirror and say, "I love my hair..and" then..it happens. It falls. Oops!
I couldn't stop thinking that women really look hot when they are bald. I know! Men too probably. But, really women carry it off like no one else's business. You can't take your eyes off them.. Women.


Roshan George said...

The first thought that comes to my mind is cancer, unfortunately. Simply because most of the bald women I've known of were that way because of cancer therapy.

The thing is whether you love your hair it falls. Or at least it does for me :D

Nowhere Man said...

Funnily enough, you started to look less bald after you had the haircut :)
Bald women? Women are beautiful, in general :)

Samyuktha PC said...

he he .. women are beautiful. yes yes. baldness just really looks cool on them. not everyone though. exceptions exist. .. and wait do i have to start guessing who this is? nowhere man huh!

Nowhere Man said...

Ha ha, the whole talk about the women gave it away, didn't it? It's me, I swear it is. It's a beautiful, though depressing, song by The Beatles.