01 January 2008


A Zen monk and his disciple were walking on the river bank. They wanted to cross the river. They saw a hurt woman, who pleaded them to carry her across. Zen monks take a vow not to touch women. However, the monk carries her across the river and sends her away on the other bank. The monk and his disciple continue to walk. The disciple is really disturbed that his master has broken a solemn vow, but doesn't know if he can ask the monk. After they walk across the city, dusk falls, and night begins.
After a day's long walk, the monk asks the disciple, "Why are you troubled?"
"You carried a woman. How can you break your vow?" he asked restlessly.
"I haven't. I left the woman on the river bank. Why are you still carrying her?


Roshan George said...

I've read that before. It's really good — one of those things I'd like to tell those fellows in the college, but I'm sure they wouldn't get it.

Samyuktha PC said...

I'm sure! But, this is one that has stayed with me for long, been carrying this story in head for long. I found it in one piece of paper in a shelf at home.