29 December 2007


If there is something you have to learn to become a writer, that is language. One can never stop learning a language, because vocabulary keeps growing. Sitting with a dictionary for endless hours is not a real waste of time for writers. Even by routine, discovery, or exploration the writer has to keep learning new words. If you take a book of some writer, and keep finding certain words repeating, you'll catch on to it in the next book too. Some writers are lucky to pass it off as their "style". Some good readers find out that it's the writers "limited vocabulary". So, building vocabulary is all part of life, in any language or genre. It's fun to discover.


Roshan George said...

And when you run out of words just sproink your own, no one will ever know!

Samyuktha said...

Hi! That definitely is the secret ;)

Daughter of the Night said...

Don't tell them about it... or they'll snert.
If only they all knew,
Shakespeare did it too!

Samyuktha said...

ha ha! Genius.

Daughter of the Night said...

Thank you, thank you!

*takes a bow*

Modesty incarnate.