19 November 2007


Shopping isn't always nice. Actually, I don't like it that much. However, I stole a nice walk this Sunday morning doing some shopping chores for Amma. Monday, that is today, being my sister's birthday..yester-night's party needed a LOT of prep work. Gladly, she loved it. I bought vegetables, provisions, and some ingredients to make lemon pudding. Yumm! I must have carried at least 3.5 kilos back home. Lemon Pudding Involves no baking Serves many Ingredients for the Crust: Cooking Butter 200 Grams Marie Biscuit one big packet Castor sugar one cup Ingredients for the pudding: Condensed milk one can Fresh Cream 300 grams Lemon juice of 7 limes Crush the biscuits and grind them to fine powder. Drop in the butter and sugar. Mix. Pour into container. Level it out on the base. Put the container in the frigdge for an hour. Mix condensed milk and fresh cream. Pour in the lemon juice. Whip it as the mixtures curdles and thickens. Pour the pudding mixture onto the crust and put it in the fridge. Serve. Eat.

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