25 November 2007

Belief and Exploration

I haven't yet met a person who doesn't like the idea of travelling and seeing places. However, I have met lazy people. For years, I have been planning how I would travel around this whole world, but there have been just so many signs for the past few days telling me I haven't traveled at home.
Any traveler is worth his job, if and when he knows his hometown at the back of his hand. He has to keep returning to see how it has changed and grown. Wait...there's just a whole lot more glamour and glitter added to the day. Yesterday, I watched Om Shanti Om. I enjoyed myself throroughly.
What amazed me more about the day was that I was noticing the smallest things about Annasalai, Mylapore, and Tiruvanmiyur. So, I've decided I'm going to travel in and around this city, and first start writing on that.
So..the first steps of a person who wants to travel and write.. :)

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