29 December 2006

Side Angle to the News

Technology is not a panacea or an evil, but with an attitude of segregation and consumerism it has created several dangers. Children live in vulnerable environments. They assume what is done around them, especially by adults, is right and just. Recently, an eight year old boy met the disastrous end of his life. He was dragged to this fate by three other children. These children wanted to enjoy a New Year and got themselves into some pseudo-heroic trouble. They don't even seem to know the magnitude of their thoughts and actions. Children are not only products of their parents, but turning into puppets of the global market. Kidnapping, portrayed as a very courageous and cunning act, was seen as a source of excitement. Desperation drew them towards one motive, getting money for the New Year. They wanted to buy cell phones. Looking at their age group, cellphones, ipods, MP3 players, have become cool must-have gadgets. This has motivated them to follow violence. Isolation and ignorance affects a child's psychology deeply. Everyone wants to have everything. Everyone wants to be equal. This secludes the children into corners that they can never understand. This has created juvenile snipers, thieves, and in this case, sub-conscious murderers. Media has a very influential part to play in this situation. Not only has cool technology created separation (cell phones, internet access, ipods, etc), but many programs and films have been justifying violence as the way to get things one wants. Against this background, a crime of this sort needs deeper analysis. What is juvenile correct going to do these children? Is that enough? Juvenile Jail is not anywhere close to a peaceful place. It attempts to isolate the child into a thinking space; hoping to pave its way to a peaceful life for each child. What is to be questioned are also the loss of their lives? I am very clear that due to their mistake they have created trouble and an irreplaceable loss. I know how that feels. However, I will like to share some empathy, considering the fact that the perpetrators are also children. I think they should be assisted with good psychiatric expertise and psychological support. This will help the children to really look into themselves and question the drastic events. At this moment, if nothing, I wish these three youngsters manage to pave through life and pay for this mistake in due course. Let them be kept in Juvenile Jail protection, but let them not be further isolated. In the long term, isolation and ignorance, as said before, will lead to further complications and losses.

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