21 December 2006

Art of walking on moss

Moss is the green substance, slimy, biological creature that grows on rocks, in wells, walls, etc. Now the art of walking on this moss is so tough. First you have to have both your feet on ground. Do not test the air unless you are sure that you have a pair of wings. That I am sure most of us do not have. So, now imagine you are trying to make your way to a waterfall. This is one of the most dangerous, challenging you would have ever done (for some of you; I'll exclude those who tried cheating their parents, etc.) It is a tough world out there. The water is gushing and the green living beings are swaying for rhythm. Beauty. Now crouch on the rock and edge yourself slowly under the waterfall...Ok all those who still believe I am here to talk about some green substance look at mirror and laugh at yourself. Art of Walking on Moss was one of the hundred topics we discussed in our last ever School trip. It is the art of living a very wary life. What is the troubles in wading murky waters? So the real question was about dealing an uneasy life filled with problems. Ok!!!!! My life has problems. Your life has problem. Everyone has problems. But, there is a simple way of handling these problems. Acknowledge them and think around the problem. Think out of the box! No matter what the problem make sure you are there for yourself and others. This came to my mind when I was thinking about what Christmas is there for. Come on! You cannot take it to be only a day when some prophet was born. It is a day to become a miracle.

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