11 May 2010

The Return of an Addiction

The pursuit of a writer is confused in its very nature. It is not that the writer does not want to write, but she does not know how to manage the other elements in her life. She is doomed forever if she is a multi-tasker. She has to manage: friends, work, college, clutter, families, promises, lies, and after everything the thoughts in her head, her stories.
Four years back or more, a writer started this blog with the reason of creating herself a space to diligently write. Then, she got bored of making people read only her words. She took a break and vanished from many memories. The only comments she got were from grateful young college students who passed their English exams reading about The Postmaster.
She is back with a fervent spirit in the middle of the night. She is here to write, to question, and to shout not about her personal worries, but about her journey as a writer. It is finally starting. She is finally starting her career....

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