18 December 2008

Chai is warmer now.

It so happens that every time I decide to leave my computer I resort to this blog, this space, mine and old. The week was filled with great excitement and for once I do not care who reads my words and who doesn't. I am purely happy! If you want something new to read: GatelessGate Magazine is a good choice. Yes, the travel part of the month. This year has been absolutely wonderful: travel and more travel. Not very new places, but the best indeed. I am off to Goa tomorrow, and stopping for transit in Bangalore. Hopefully, will meet Shilo and so even those few hours would be coloured!! Then..the plans of December start: Goa and Bombay! Work, love and life. Experiments, ventures, and beauty! Will hopefully scribble, click, talk, and spread some wings to fly. And if so, I will come back to you with every random story on earth. for now, love... Sam

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