17 June 2008

theatre Y - a new theatrical learning venture

What does Chennai Performing Arts Scene need now? Chennai needs a growing pool of fresh, trained, young and excited actors, performers, and storytellers. theatre Y is a breakthrough effort in cultivating such a group, which will go through a diligent and fun theatrical workshop process. It looks at generating a talent bank of individuals who can make a remarkable difference to the performance media, be it movies, plays, workshops, or dance dramas, and so on.

The process of a theatre school, a consistent course, and the creation of a theatre conscious youth generation is a remarkable effort. This is just the place for all the students who want to learn about their bodies, voices, and get active help in grooming themselves as artistes.
Who started this? We hear his name when any big student group play is getting staged in the city. Yog Japee is one of the leading actors and directors in Chennai. He started this as a place where one can learn the art of performance through literature, theatre, and music. It not only focuses on training, but also in creating performances, productions, publications, and projects. The aim is to have a discipline to learn, but also freak out with fun.
They offer two courses: act one and voice one. act one adopts a process of ‘learning-by-doing’ using improvisations, workshops, solo performances, and working as groups. This introduces the participant to the basics of acting theory, theatrical techniques, and opens up the person’s expressions. It prepares the person for more intensive sessions in theatrical exploration. voice one adopts a similar approach, with the focus on helping the vocal chords to energize the personality. The course uses a lot of voice exercises, voice theory, and explores voice in various media forms. Both these courses help the person realize their talent, and give them a head-start in working towards a learning performance. The basic courses encourage and strengthen the confidence in one’s body, expressions, voice, and self.
Where does this happen? The world of theatre and rehearsals has been of a strange nomadic sense. Rehearsals, workshops, and the rest happen in free homes, or big halls. Theatre Y is dead sure about the want of a focus, a space, a plan, and a dream dedicated to the purposes of the group. They have opened a new studio space…studYo in Mandavelli! They conduct their workshops and courses in this place – wide-open, painted fans, and a nice terrace. Two batches have graduated the basic courses. Join them, learn, and grow. Anyone can be a part of this.
The group is secular and liberal in their efforts. They soon hope to create an array of performers the rest of the art and theatre world can choose from. This is a place for anyone to open. Do you want to join in this journey? Think simple. Work for it. Enjoy the spirit of all at http://www.theatrey.blogspot.com/ and soon to be launched – http://www.theatrey.com/. Write to them: showup@theatrey.com Call them for queries about the courses: 98840-70796.
Pip...pip...join the play in progress.

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