05 May 2008

Urban Dusk

One by one, a thousand at once, Flooding the streets and over-head bridges, Windows, hoardings, and cars Light up the land below, For a dark dome Of sleeping dust. Coast rushes in a breeze, Blending in battle with noon’s Wave; Confused and loud, Dynamically proud With a brimming species, On two feet, wearing faces And masks. Like the wheels of train, All unchanged and same toil, Rolling on and on, The two feet ravage about. A million feet above Concrete builds cages: Human zoo of colors, Paints, and plastic sounds. Metallic breezes blow beneath A dusty dome, Where in a lived spirit, Music still runs. Something stays alive, No sunflower beds or swallows, None of the bright daisies, But within the caged expanse Of footprints, many spirits Lie and tear apart these walls.

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