28 May 2008

a mosaic obsession

fall within the facets - boredom!


snails.make.lollipops said...
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snails.make.lollipops said...

Fall into me,
Come become a part of this uninterrupted flow offered by the beautiful Universe.
T’was winter in it’s prime; blooming in my delicate heart.
Nothing to win ,nothing to mourn over when lost.
Now I’m free.
Fine sand , it is.
The calling beach and the glorious orange ice candy.
Yes , I am free.
But not from your beautiful memories and thoughtful words.
After all,at the end of the day it’s all about the difference between humans and lions.
*laughs like a child*
Beautiful girl filled with her beautiful mind accompanied by beautiful words.
Spread the light with your brilliant thoughts,Lovee!