28 March 2008

Blue zone imagery

When I'm feeling all blue, and insisting on wearing black - Just watch me, intently watch me. I'll be bending over the wooden railings, the barricades of the rooftops. You're making me an onlooker, the one who listens to love, I hear a hundred snakes coiled, grinding against each other making dust. Feel that dust with me. It's not fine gold dust, it feels like powdered apples dried in your sun. They glisten like lizard eggs, sleeping in hollow branches. Clean your panther eyes, sterilize our visions. So, let them join and sink in hotel beds (the random one I walked into). Drink chilled dry coffee in the morning, and talk to me. Forget that I'm showing you my back. My heart is in the moon. Let me run away, fall asleep on a cloud. If you don't want to be one ( a fluffy floating cloud), then perch yourself on a street light, and watch me float away, with wings on my head.

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