11 February 2008

Digging out travel sleepers

Some old papers lie around my room, some notebooks too. There I have written in scribbles. Travel notes... Some here: 2002: Hampi I'm sitting outside Virupaksha Temple. I am supposed to be taking notes on the historical relevance of the temple and bazaar in the Vijayanagar Empire. Okay! But, I rather scribble a bit now. Broad roads. Colourful market. This is all we see. Everyone has more money than we should be carrying, and so we are running like maniacs up and down the Bazaar Road. The whole day was hectic. We climbed up Matunga Hill, saw the eery Hanuman temple. It is just all green and red, and monkeys jumping up and down, but it just made all of us quiet. The sad part is, being a history student out on these trips makes it tough. We are just spending time with our notebooks. Nights back at Shanti Lodge, though peaceful and beautiful, vanishes away in updating notes. However, I don't think I'll be submitting the book like this, especially with all such scribbling inspired by the vastness of this place. I am eagerly waiting for all this shopping to be done, and I need to search for a postcard shop. It is not my turn to handle the camera and I do not trust the specific classmates to turn out too many great photos with their click and shoot cameras. I miss my Canon SLR. Especially, when shopping is so depressing, at least a camera would let me capture the amount of colours this night. Mainly, red, green and glasswork, but this place is just so beautifully ancient. I am rambling too much. Should have sat and written in Vittala Temple. That place is just so beautiful. When we sang the complete environment was ringing in that music. Beautiful. Tomorrow, we leave Hampi. Bye. 2005 Kanchipuram: Kanchipuram: My group is completely organized and done with its work much much before the deadline. This is such a great, selfish feeling. However, this means we got to drive around Kanchipuram and actually see some of its authentic architecture, probably, what ever tourist would drive off to. Knee deep in heavy work with complete social relevance, assessment of Government Aided Schools, needs a break. We are kids, we don't work! Kanchipuram Kamakshi Temple...everyone, literally, everyone who comes to Kanchipuram visits it. So, we are not expecting lesser than this huge group, which is hardly giving place a spiritual ground deserves. I sound funny! Irritating place. We have retired to the kolam, which seems to have the most sane beings - the fish. They simply eat the pori you throw to them. What is the problem with this place? It says Muslims, Christians, Non-Hindus, and Foreigners cannot go into the garbagraham. Fanatic religious practices. Like, God knows any religion!?

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