13 January 2008

"Strawberry Fields Forever"

As The Beatles fade in the background, I sip on a glass of Kokkam juice. The tamarind hits my head and revels memories of learning to play Fifa on the computer. Charu Niveditha's Zero Degrees, an intense and abstract book, lays it green face in front of me. I am lost in the words of Haruki Murakami's "Norwegian Wood". Unusual love stories run about my head, makes me laugh, frown and sigh. Would I prefer drinking some coffee now? No, I'd rather take a shower and head to work. The bamboo curtain flies to the wind's song. The leaves shimmer in the sunlight. A shiver runs down my back. A bus. An auto. Travel. The mirror reminds my narcissism, and tells me to take care. I can hear cameras flashing in my mind. Need to buy film rolls. My camera lens is dirty. I need glasses. The computer screen flickers and opens a random window. Free screensavers. 3D. I grab a blue towel, a thin, Chennai summer towel. The water is boiling, the Sintex tank gives us cold water. Today, I feel like hot water. Logs off.


Roshan George said...

At first I thought you were talking about NLS' festival. But that's just me.

Samyuktha PC said...

Nice interpretation there. Oh by the way..nice family!

Roshan George said...

Ha ha, thanks, they're a bunch of nutcases.