16 January 2008

Materialistic Desires

Things I've got:
  • a watch
  • backpacks
  • sugarcane for Pongal
  • a comb
  • Nokia charger
  • Small Island by Andrew Lewy
  • a junk sculpture in my room
  • a cane handle umbrella
  • a nice cap/hat

Things I want and need to save for:

  • a new handset
  • a music system
  • a kerosene lamp
  • a table lamp
  • little more.. need to do a check.. New Year plans! he he..


Nowhere Man said...

Spectacles. You need them, love. Please buy some :)

Samyuktha P.C. said...

Ha. Love. Getting them soon, I suppose! Now..a blur!

Daughter of the Night said...

Blurry blub. Blubber.