29 December 2007


Putting a child to sleep, Putting a child to sleep, believe me Needs to rhyme like a bee. You see, bee, me. I know it's all so stupid, Like a diaper wrapped cupid, But these children never listen, They say, "Suess is missin.'" If cruel I am, I would whack them to sleep, But these wretched cute things begin to weep. Babysitter trials are the worst for money, You'd love it so much, it's abstract and funny. Some children are too wise for an owl, Some want to act silly and growl. It's nice to play along and let your hair down, You're not too far away, just don't frown. Jump up and down sofas, and roll around, Shake your head till nothing is bound, Shout out and bellow till the roof, Try to sing or just bray, neigh, or woof! Have some fun, that is the rule, Piggy back or pin tails on mules, Learn to tell stories and laugh aloud, No better teachers than children around.

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