27 December 2007


It was a late summer morning, and the peek-ha-booze were still sleeping. They mixed up the need of hidrosis with hibernation. Oops! Is it one more starving summer for these purple heads.
Peek-ha-booze are fluffy purple rounds who can only roll around. Every morning they go to Creebletrox hill and roll down the slope. Those who fall into Zwimbly river win. They get transported into another land, they manage to interface the Universe. Peek-ha-booze can't think when they hibernate, almost like they are unplugged.
They eat huge green plates, zwokrians. They are dead trees and as wide an average swimming pool. Each peek-ha-boo eats one zwokrian every summer. For this, they have to be awake, because it's a maze to find them. Wait...finally, peek-ha-booze are awake. Now, run before they roll you down the Creebletrox slope. It's filled with cacti. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.


Daughter of the Night said...

But do Peek-ha-booze eat Quibble-toes?

Samyuktha said...

Quibble-toes are totally different story. :)

Daughter of the Night said...

Oh. Okay. What about zweeglewits?