01 January 2008

Countdown Process Toll

Ya. Crackers were screaming, phones were ringing, people were partying, and I am here. I am here drawing a bald man with huge black spectacles, like Basheer's brother. In some weird sense of randomness, I found so many interesting websites. Firstly, my old favourites deserve some mention. http://www.gutenberg.com/ is a nice comprehensive portal. It has some of the most interesting books, which you can legally download. http://www.irregardless.net/punster/puns.html this is something I really by chance tumbled upon.. super interesting. and fun. well pun.. huh phun... huh.. blah..bluh..blooh. http://www.alternativelawforum.com/ well, ok it's not some random website or an old favourite. Pretty much out of curiousity, as to what some of my friends were actually upto in ALF, I explored a bit. Well organized website...lots to learn too! http://www.damninteresting.com/ ...stumbled upon this. Really cool! I know very cliche review of something, but really...the articles there are small, about crazy new things, and really nicely written. http://www.crimelibrary.com/ Shaun passed this on...Oh God! Completely well researched..scary and written brilliantly. The world. The life! www.

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