03 November 2007

Do I need a religion?

Through the routes of family history, I probably inherit a million religious faiths. But, I follow no particular religion. My birth certificate, passport forms, school and college admission forms in the column religion have: None.
No religion? How can that be? I've been asked many such questions. However, the most hilarious query: "Then, who will you marry?" OK! Now, who will I marry? Obviously, some person who doesn't care about my religion. And I don't impose this stance of mine on anyone. So, whatever that is not my primary quest in life. I marry whoever I marry. Too far-fetched a question, but hilarious.
I'll tell you more about this soon....for now, I don't follow a religion. I am not an atheist: for I believe that too is a religion. And I own a thick ego, which just will soar too high if someone wasn't greater than me. If there is God, God is nothing more than a friend of mine. God is the person I talk to late nights when I stare at the ceiling, blank pages, outside the window. God is all the funny, scary, happy, sad, interesting, and imaginative characters in my dreams.
*My God is much more clearly defined, and not much powerful than me. Yes, probably the cool paranormal supernatural hero pretty much dressed like a hippie.
*This does not mean I do not like people following religions. This is solely my own weary paths. For I might have visited more Churches, Hindu and Buddhist temples, mosques, and gurudwaras than most people of my age who believe so much in their religions!

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