06 August 2007

Places inside my head

Sit up! We're going somewhere, You've got only me to bear, It’s places inside my head, I can go anytime I dread The normality here prevailing Watch me run trailing A path of dreams You can come along and Hold close to you my hand. Together we can see places Of new and interesting faces It's all that we think to make Nothing to scare, like a snake I'm a King, you're a Queen, Ruling all soil where we've been. Horses, elephants, forts, Palaces, concubines and courts, Dragon, beanstalks, and silver, A chill wind for us to shiver Now, I'll only hear laughter Flowing like gold water Speedily through my ears As if it really fears That soon I'll be bored and you Will be leaving my hand too We open our eyes To a real world - we rise!

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