28 July 2007

Why do I never take attempts to die?

Things bad and worse have happened in life. Well, my life has been quite short. It still rolls down the valley and climbs the mountains. I've felt like dying, but hardly for a second. I don't think there is any good enough reason for me to end my life until I meet my fate. I am not a strong believer of fate, but quite a rational thinker. I believe hurting oneself is not the way to solve problems. One simple reason I don't execute any feelings of wanting to die, or don't encourage them is because I guess I'd just have to write too many suicide letters. And by the time I finish writing to everyone I love; it would reach an abominable number that the feeling of killing me would go. More than the love I receive, regarding love I have enough and more to give. I never feel drained, though I have been used, betrayed, and dumped into go downs. Life has continued. Hands have pulled me out, or sometimes I've just learnt how to crawl the slimy walls. Whether or not I have a purpose to live, I will never voluntarily end my life.

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