03 July 2007

So, I wrote:

English class was much about paragraph writing. It reminded me of Jayashree Akka's classes at school. Today, the hilarity lies in the topic of the project : Rats. We were to come up with a thesis statement and then write a para around it. So, I wrote:
People always confuse rats with mice. In the cartoon, Tom chases Jerry, a mouse. But, actually, cats only run behind rats. They hate the existence of this long-tailed cunning creature. It is a dark grey being with piercing red eyes and carries around all the germs possible. They lurk around the corner and sense sounds with keen pointed blackish ears. It has sick pointing feet that are like claws that would grab anything. It' tail looks like pieces stuck together in a long string and it flaunts around as it runs under every table. With sharp teeth that look like devil's gift they make holes in everything they find. God knows what goes into their stomachs! They are the ugliest creatures alive.
He he.. I couldn't think of anything else. However, there were many who escaped the exercise. After sometime the sincerety I possess becomes a headache even to me. Almost like I look into a mirror, and call myself, "Goody goody".
Well.. now to return from that stupidity and go to my nonsense explorations. I was previously talking about beauty, I haven't forgotten. As a matter of fact, I actually took time out to see if I do really have an answer to what beauty is, and how man has lost the entirety of beauty in his life...this seems an ongoing topic and if I do prolong it to a series, you are welcome to trouble yourself with following this up.
Beauty is basically a say of existence. We were reading the poem, Rhodora by Emerson. By the way, I have never met an English professor, such as mine. He quotes from almost everything and with such ease. He just seems to know so much.
I jotted down a lot of questions that popped into my head, during this class on Rhodora. A beautiful poem!!!
Does art attempt to reform?
Can poetry be rhetoric?
Is cerebral poetry bad?
Is prose completely void of figurative language?
Everything here, is existing for a reason. Just the fact that it exists, justifies it's beauty, and it's presence. That seems to be the crux of this poem. And if so, let us take rats...even that is beautiful. Even that has a justification. Everything in nature seems to have a significant role. And if the Rhodora's role was just to inspire Emerson, and then that itself is the purpose of it's being.
My most favourite lines in this poem are,
"Tell them, dear, that is eyes were made for seeing,
Then Beauty is its own excuse for being..."
And here beauty with a capital "B" is philosophical concept. It is a concept of aesthetics.. and that will revolve around my thoughts in the previous post. And yet the quest to find out the emptiness of this entirety hasn't put itself in a flow of words. And when that does happen "Beauty" will figure a place in this blog again.

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