10 January 2007

.. I'll meet you 'round the bend my friend, where hearts can heal and souls can mend...

A world where I always considered my true roots to come from...Baghdad
When I heard my grandmom was by origin an Iraqi, I fixed my ankles in this exotic land. Way far from this place, typing in Chennai, River Bend is a blog that brought senses to this life. Iraq is in no dimension a peaceful place. Class XI did a good job of putting together the Iraq issue. Maybe this fascinated roots of generations I built, makes me feel more passionately against the injustice present there. They cruised from the Mesopotamian Civilization to Iraq War to Saddam. Astonished at how time flies. Rwanda, Iraq, Gujarat, Kargil...makes me sick. A fascination dumbed down to frustration. If it was a blanket I'd pull it away and hug it tight. I want the land safe and left to its true sovereignty. I could be away from these biases voiced around me, but I could find some way to do something more.

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