29 November 2006


Ok. Who is Sam? How many times have I asked that? Most of life is well reasoned, but completely spontaneous! Today, I was reading one of my friend's blog and I thought of one that I used to have. Nobody, really read that one. LOL(got to use it, how much ever I hate this stoooopeieed chat abbreviation, it apparently conveys inner feelings briefly and precisely. LOL). That blog was basically filled with posts indicating HEIGHTS of joblessness, the truth. So, I decided I needed a good break from joblessness, and pursued all the work I had to do. Only to know, I had ALL the work to do. A quick transition from jobless Sam to busy Sam... Life is good both ways. A nice transition. Exam virus is eating up most of my plans, but once I am done with them, decently, I am free again. Dropped into an outside world, like some people call it. Like the bird of birth eats you digests you through the process of education and then shits you out into the dustbin of urban zombies. Ok! Just to clarify that is my Nonsense Verse persona taking over. World's not really that boring! What will this blog contain? Ok that is one question every reader is reccomended to stay away from, just to generally stay on the GOOD side of everyone. Now, does everyone have a GOOD side. I don't believe. Nor do we have a BAD side. Or do we? hhmmm... One more thing, declaring a universal truth about me: I THINK! A LOT. But, wait...not exactly when I need to. Done a lot of silly things, totally embarassing...hmmm! Today, was particularly a good day. I don't know why. I just feel nice and important. Really? Hmm. Attention Seeker No. 1... bullying everyone - total rowdy... Ha! Doesn't this blog give the feel that I am a perpetual talking machine. A more precise definition would be, a perpetual writing machine. I don't really talk much when everyone expects me to. Let's take a normal party situation at my sis' place. I learnt a bit of massaging by myself, reading about it. So, I spend most of time giving free head massages, which people say are quite great. Compliment taken! Then I'll sit in a corner and do something I really like, sitting by myself and watching people. I understand people better by just watching them. It is good fun. It actually feeds a lot into my writing. Blogging - Not very new to me actually. My poetry is featured on www.allpoetry.com for a year now. Many people read my poetry, all over the world. So, if someone in Taiwan happens to read this, it may not really surprise me. Globalisation, Liberalisation, and Europeans invention of worldwideweb(a fact well learned due to Dan Brown's internet plagiarism research!), has its own benefits and costs(losses). Ah! That's just the pet theory - Cost Benefit Analysis, because I am right now reading on "Environmental Economics". Sam - Samyuktha; why the hell am I called in some westernized fashion - SAM. huh! Well I like it a lot, has nothing to do with western culture. Many people spoil the name Samyuktha. Sam is easy, beautiful, and some how it names me perfectly. Well people call me a lot of other names, according to their convenience or sheer forgetfulness, - to say how I feel about them, Samendra(I love that), Shyam Sunder(shy blushing), Meenakshi(big huge smile), bothuks(laughter), Kannukutti(gentle smile of memories), Sammy(ahem!), Samyu(ahem again!).. Lot's more. When talking about a day, I never knew so much could actually be spoken. In enthusiasm, I see myself typing on and on and on. So, don't be surprised by overloading posts for the next one month, slowly energy will reduce, there will be a constant number of posts, then there will be a steady reduction of posts, sudden disappearance. he he he!
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